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December 5, 2011

Anthem Chapter 3-6 Questions

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Chapter 3:

1.  What does Equality discover in this chapter?  How important is this discovery?  Describe four or five ways in which it would help society and make life easier or more enjoyable.

Equality discovers how to make a light out of copper wires(the lightbulb). This is a very important discovery because it would make life easier. It would make life easier because it would give a brighter light, it wouldn’t burn out as quickly as a candle, you wouldn’t have to breathe in smoke from the candle just to read a book, and fires would be less likely because you wouldn’t have to use candles.

2.  Outline some of the Council of Scholars’ beliefs, and Equality’s refutation of those beliefs.

The Council of Scholars’ believe that everyone knows what all exist and if everyone doesn’t know about something then it doesn’t exist. Equality thinks that the Council of Scholars are blind for saying this and that the secrets of the earth are not for everyone but for those who seek them.

Chapter 4:

1.  Discuss the appropriateness of Equality’s new name, “Unconquered.”

“Unconquered” is an appropriate name because Equality has not been conquered by the laws and ways that everyone is expected to live by.

Chapter 5:

1.  Equality understands that his invention will benefit mankind greatly; however, this was not his main motivation in conducting his experiments, and it is not the primary source of the great joy he experiences.  Discuss.

Equality’s main motivation is that he wants to learn more and feed his hunger to learn. The source of Equality’s joy is that he is learning more and feeding his hunger to learn.

2.  In your opinion, why is Equality so interesting in seeing his own image at this point in the novel?  What emotion is he feeling?

He is interested in seeing his own image because he wants to know how the golden one sees him, and he is becoming interested in himself. He is feeling the emotion of self-interest.

Chapter 6:

1.  The old locks and lack of guards in the Palace of Corrective Detention indicate that prisoners never tried to escape: Why not?

They never tried to escape because they felt they deserved that punishment, owed being punished to their brothers, and because they were afraid of the consequences and punishments of trying to escape.

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