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December 6, 2011

Anthem Chapter 7-12 Questions

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Chapter 7:

1.  Outline four of the Council’s reasons for rejecting Equality’s invention.

Four of the reasons that the Council rejected Equality’s invention:

  •  What is not thought by all men cannot be true. (Equality’s brothers do not think he found a new power)
  •  What is not done collectively cannot be good.  (Equality invented this alone)
  •   The invention would ruin the Department of Candles.
  •   The invention would wreck the Plans of the World Council.


2.  What are the real reasons behind the Council’s rejection and fear of the gift?

They are afraid of going back to the old ways of technology and individualism and offending the council and getting punished. They want to keep the peoples ways as simple as possible so they have to rely on the Council.


3.  What does Equality mean, at the beginning of the chapter, when he says, “We are old now, but we were young this morning”?

Equality means that now he feels more experienced and has a better understanding of things versus how he felt that morning.


Chapter 8:

1.  What is Equality experiencing for the first time in this chapter, and what does he feel as a result?

He is starting to feel affection for The Golden One and he is feeling  joy. He also has to hunt for his food now and it is causing him to feel pride in himself for being able to feed himself.


2.  Explain why Equality laughs when he remembers that he is “the Damned.”

Equality laughed because  he doesn’t feel damned, but he feels happy.


3.  What does the Uncharted Forest symbolize in Anthem?

It represents the unknown.


Chapter 9:

1.  On pgs. 82-83, Liberty contrasts Equality to his fellow men.  Paraphrase this passage.

Your eyes are full of hope, curiosity, and wonder while the other men are not. You are able to say how he feels and to feel pride while the other men do not. You hold you head high with pride, independence,and joy while the other men cower and cringe in selfless, dependent sorrow.


2.  In this chapter, Equality questions the morality of his former society.  Contrast what he was previously taught about solitude, good, evil, and joy to what he now believes.

He was taught that there should not be individuals but the great “WE”. People should not care for themselves but only for the better of the group. It is evil to go against this.  Now he believes that people should care for themselves and take care of themselves. Not to focus only on everyone else but to focus on yourself also and most of all. He does not believe this is evil and it has finally given him great joy.


Chapter 10:

1.  Describe the house and its contents in your own words, and explain why Liberty and Equality find it so strange and unique.

It was a two story house with a flat roof and lots of windows. It has one bedroom, a library full of books, a mirror, lights, and clothes.  They found the house strange and unique because it had a flat roof, only one bedroom, (they are use to sleeping with around thirty people) and it had lots things they where not use to and had never seen like windows, mirrors, different clothes, and a room full of a bunch of unknown of books.

Chapter 11:

1.  What great discovery does Equality make in this chapter?

He discovered the word “I”.


2.  Explain the following quotes in your own words:

a) “Whatever road I take, the guiding star is within me.”

He can always use the word “I” no matter where he is.

b) “For the word ‘We’ must never be spoken, save by one’s choice and as a second thought.”

Think of yourself first and only of others second to you.


3.  What does Equality now realize is the proper goal and purpose of his life?

To focus and live for yourself and not to focus on others or live for others.


4.  In what ways is “I” like a God?

The word “I” is like a god because it is considered the way to a happy life because you focus on yourself instead of focusing on everyone else and their problems. Like with what Equality experienced, he was never truly happy until he started to become more independent and focus on his life instead of his brothers.


5.  Reread the incident with the Saint of the Pyre.  What was he trying to communicate to Equality? (pgs. 49-51)

He was trying to tell Equality that there is a better way of life. He wanted to tell him that there is a way to true happiness. He was trying to tell Equality about the word “I”.


Chapter 12:

1.  Why do the main Characters take the names Prometheus and Gaea?  Why aren’t the allowed to choose their names in their old society?

They take those names because of who in history those names represent and because they read them in a book and didn’t know of any other names. They were not allowed to have names in their old society because having a name shows individualism and makes you different from your brothers and sisters.


2.  What does Prometheus plan to do in the future?

Raise his son to be an individualist and to use the word “I”.


3.  Prometheus reaches the important realization that “To be free, a man must be free of his brothers.”  Explain what this means and cite several examples from Anthem that illustrate the truth of this statement.

It means that to be free he has to be free of his brothers keeping him the same as them and giving him rules and preventing him from having a happy life.  pg 18 “‘There is evil in your bones, Equality 7-2521, for your body has grown beyond the body of your brothers.’ But we cannot change our bones nor our bodies”. pg 21 “We are nothing. Mankind is all. By the grace of our brothers are we allowed our lives. We exist through, by and for our brothers who are the State. Amen”.  pg 29  “But it is only our brothers in the Home of the Artist who are permitted to draw pictures”.

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